A desire to be a positive agent for change

Success in business for Trent Garrett and Steve Erceg (Directors of Verse Property) has always been more than a long list of satisfied clients and money in the bank. They wanted Verse Property to make a difference in people’s lives and wellbeing. To invest into the future of those who cannot help themselves.This desire to be a positive agent of change has led them to build a team of people who have a heart to help.

It is a can do attitude that not only brings results for their clients – but also life to those who have no hope.

From Ethiopia, the Congo, Burundi, Nigeria, Uganda in Africa to the slums of India and typhoon devastated Philippines – Verse Property have been there to lend a hand. Trent and Steve are determined to bring that ethos of compassion through their business and staff.

In Ethiopia Verse Property have sponsored a soccer team of under-privileged kids who now feel so special every time they pull on their new uniform and go out to compete. Last time Trent and Steve went to visit they ended up playing with around 500 kids on a dusty field with about 5 soccer balls in a wild free for all that left everyone smiling and delighted.

Verse Property has also recently helped to purchase a 4WD vehicle for a local worker and have an ongoing commitment to contribute to the health, education, food and shelter of struggling families in the community.

In Uganda, Congo, Burundi, Nigeria and India Trent has been on the ground visiting, encouraging, feeding and helping to bring hope to children in orphanages and in poverty.

He brings the message that someone cares about their situation and that they have a future and a hope.

Just this year Trent was part of a small delegation that visited four African nations in less then three weeks and met with Government Ministers and even the President to investigate ways that Australian businesses can support and build up the capacity of third world nations.

When the world’s most powerful recorded storm, Typhoon Haiyan, hit the eastern coast of the Philippine island of Leyte Steve knew that Verse Property had to do something to help. So he hung up his suit, packed his bags and went with a small team to help rebuild some of the damaged buildings and infrastructure on the island.

Instead of heading to the capital city of Tacloban where the world was focussing its attention, they decided to go to the small town of Dulag. There were no TV cameras, or aid agencies – just hurting and desperate people.

Trent, Steve and the team at Verse Property are passionate about bringing satisfaction to their clients and positive change to a hurting world. They have a heart to help.