The Verse Guarantee

We Listen

We are attentive and take great care in listening to your needs.

We Plan

We craft a business plan tailored for the sale of your property. We don’t blame the market for selling activity but work on Plan A, B and C to achieve a successful outcome. There is a reason for all that we do.

We are Good Communicators

We communicate with you regularly. You can expect continual monitoring, weekly reports and updates on your property. The team meets often to discuss your property to ensure it is positioned correctly for a successful outcome. While a lead salesperson works for you, they are backed by a team that is proactively committed to the sale of your home.

We are Attentive

We consider the one-percenters, including the method of sale, the frequency and consistency of home opens, maximum advertising exposure in the marketplace and professional photography.

We are Creative

Our strategic marketing campaigns produce maximum exposure. No two homes are the same, nor the markets they are sold into or the unique situations of the sellers. We spend time planning the strategy, preparing the marketing and thinking about how best to sell your property. We don’t just hope for the best, we think and prepare the best with a system that incorporates unique marketing and pricing methods for a brilliant result in any market. 

We Work

Not only do we work, we work hard. Flashy brochures and marketing is one thing but ultimately, nothing beats hard work. Our day starts early and ends late. We are proactive and go the extra mile doing all we can to secure the best result for you.

We are Passionate & Motivated

We practice what we preach and buy and sell ourselves. We understand the pitfalls of selling and know bad service from good. 

We are Strong Powerful

We don’t hesitate to ask the buyer the big and curly questions and are not afraid of those awkward moments in negotiation. We use a sophisticated real estate database with automated buyer property alerts so your property is presented to the greatest number of qualified buyers. We often sell direct to our database without even going to market.

We are Loud

We communicate with volume to the buyers why your home is the best home for them.

We Deliver

More than anything else, we’re about getting you a brilliant result. We’re so driven by this goal that we’re prepared to reduce our fees if we don’t deliver on our promises to you.