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M Grzinic

In the past Property Management was a worry for me; I have had some friends that have had some very bad experiences.  They have had property managers that were difficult to get a hold of, not returning calls or emails and they have also had tenants who were not paying rent and subsequently had to be evicted.

My initial conversation with Steve and the team I found to be extremely helpful and eye opening.  They helped ease my convers by explaining the screening process so I wouldn’t have the same experience as my friends.

We received multiple applicants for our property and found the initial screening process to be extremely thorough.  They screened all applicants, did multiple background and reference checks to find the right tenant.  It gave me peace of mind knowing that they cared about finding me a good tenant.

I have had a fantastic experience with Verse.  I have not had any issues with any of the tenants in my property which proves they are doing the right thing by me and the tenants.  I could not have asked for a better property management team to look after my investment.

M Grzinic