Management Guarantee

We Listen

We are attentive and take great care in listening to your needs.

We Plan

We thoroughly research where your property sits in the current market and then go to work to prepare a plan for the leasing of your property. We don’t just blame the market for tenant activity but work on Plan A, B and C to achieve a successful outcome.

We are Thorough

We interview, carry out reference checks and qualify all prospective tenants for your consideration or approval. We handle all rental income and invoices, obtain quotes for any maintenance and take care of property rates and insurances in direct accordance with your instructions. We also keep a close eye on whether your property’s market value has increase by reviewing the rental value on an annual basis.

We are Team Players

With a strong unified team, we are highly trained and work in synergy with respect for each other. You can be confident we will never hand your property over to an unqualified property manager, they must be trained and fit in with our core values. While other agencies float several staff across each managed property, we believe it’s critical that you have one property manager who is dedicated to your investment. 

We are Great Communicators

We maintain ongoing communication with you throughout the marketing period, during the tenant selection process and once the tenant has moved in. Following our routine inspections, you can also expect a detailed property condition report and inventory list detailing the exact condition of your investment.

We are Hard Workers

Not only do we work, we work hard. Flashy brochures and marketing is one thing but ultimately, nothing beats hard work. Our day starts early and ends late. We are proactive and go the extra mile doing all we can to secure the best outcome for you.

We are Passionate and Motivated

We practice what we preach and buy and sell ourselves. We understand the pitfalls of property management and know bad service from good. We’re driven to deliver great service because that is what you deserve. We genuinely care about every client; you’re not just a number to us. 

We are Strong and Powerful

As a well-established and reputable company our zero policy for rent arrears is represented by our core values. In fact, 99% of our rents are paid on time.We love and care for your tenant but we respect you, which is who we are working for, so we vigilantly monitor rental arrears on a daily basis and ensure firm phone calls are made and prompt late rent notices are issued.

We are Loud

We communicate to the market place through our different mediums with volume,   promoting key reasons why a tenant should select your property, while having a structured follow up plan to those we make contact with. We want your property leased for the maximum price, in the shortest amount of time, with minimal fuss.

We Deliver

More than anything else, we deliver results. We’re so driven by this goal that we’re prepared to financially compensate you if we are unable to deliver on our promises.